McGeorge Tax and Estate Law is a Boutique tax law firm in Toronto’s financial district.

McGeorge Tax and Estate Law Professional Corporation is a boutique tax law firm located in Toronto’s financial district. We offer integrated tax and estate planning strategies tailored to our clients’ specific objectives. We assist with the creation of Wills and trusts, tax payer representation and resolving disputes with the Canada Revenue Agency. We provide voluntary disclosures to bring forward unreported income to the CRA for individuals, corporations and trusts. We offer the benefit of solicitor-client privilege an accountant alone cannot provide.

Wills & Estates

Draft your wills and power of attorney documents for peace of mind.

Estate Planning

Tax Return Preparation

Prepare your tax filing with the protection of solicitor-client privilege that an accountant alone cannot provide.


Taxpayer Representation

Deal with CRA reassessments and resolve disputes from the audit to the appeal stage.

Tax Law

Tax Dispute Resolution

Minimize your stress & the time it takes to resolve complex disputes.

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